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Become a weed warrior!

In order to receive a card from us to remove invasive plant species in Anne Arundel County, volunteers will need to attend a 2–4-hour weed warrior training event and a workshop event.

During our training events, volunteers will receive information on the weed warrior program; get instruction in species identification and ecology—what they are, and why they are a problem; control methods; tool use and safety; and outdoor safety skills.

We recommend that volunteers attend a training event first before attending any workshop events to remove invasive plant species. Volunteers younger than 16 years of age can also attend but will need supervision to participate and to receive a card from us.

For more info contact: annearundelwr@gmail.com


Record your hours!

Have you volunteered as part of the Anne Arundel Weed Resistance? (Training time counts too.)

Please help us document and demonstrate program effectiveness—and recognize your efforts!

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